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Arc Trooper Squadron Gunship

Welcome to the Lego Star Wars Custom Decals and Minifigures Wikia!

Hello and welcome to the Lego star wars decals wikia! where you can print, look up, or create your own custom Lego star wars minifigure stickers!

Help Us Out!Edit

We need as many stickers as we can get, so just type in the name of the figure and add the word "decals" after it, and it will bring you to the page. If you can't find decals for that figure or you have some decals of your own you want to add, by all means, add to this site!

How Can You Help?Edit

If you're wondering how you can improve this wikia, please see some of our To-Do-Lists (click below)

To-Do-List, Jedi/Sith

To-Do-List, Commander Clones

To-Do-List, Other Clonesfd

To-Do-List, Other Characters


Decals are stickers you can use to customize your Lego minifigures, they are not permenant, you can remove them and have your figure be exactly how it was when you started very easily.

Click below to see instructions for making, printing, using, and removing your decals from your figures.

How to make decals

Decal links Edit

To view finished decals click on the links below

Clone decals [1]

Clone commanders and captains

bounty hunters



Rebel Alliance

Uploading your own DecalsEdit

When uploading, please sign your username after you add your decals. We require this in case there is a problem or question about the decal, if you don't put your username, the decal will either be deleted or I, the creator, will take credit for it.

Custom MinifiguresEdit

If you have customized a minifigure and you want to post it, please take a picture of at least three of the listed veiws below, and any others you think might be necesary.

1. Front

2. Back

3. Left Side

4. Right Side

5. Top

6. 3/4 Face

7. Front Face

8. Back Face


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May 9, 2010- Lego Star Wars Decals and Custom Minifigures Wikia is born!