This is the page telling you how to make your own decals for your figures

Printing and placing your decalsEdit

1. Buy "sticker paper" (Shipping lables I have found to work well)

2. Copy and Paste the decals you want to use into a word document.

3. make sure in the document that the decals are the correct size.

4. arrange them so that each figure's set of decals has at least _____ of distance between each other.

5. Print out on the sticker paper

6. Cut Out and Peel the decals.

7. Place the decals on the figure you're using

8. Wait five minutes or so for the decals to stick.

(Optional) Brush a thin layer of clear nail polish onto the Lego part(s) with the decal to PERMANENTLY SEAL the decal on the Lego figure. Note that this will make the sealed pieces really shiny. (I'm sure there's a way to seal it without making it so shiny too). Do not use stronger nail polish remover on Legos as it might MELT the plastic!

9. DONE!


10. Gently peel the decals off your figure.

11. Wet a washcloth (you may also need to add some soap)

12. Gently wipe the cloth across the spot on the minifigure where the decal was.

13. Wait about ten minutes or so for the Lego figure to dry.