Captain Stringer by 1999bug

Captain Octavious Stringer, is a Captain of the Clone Army, and a resourceful gunsman.

Compared to other Captains and Commandos, he is not as well known, because he and his team often scout remote planets for Seperatists.

Captain Stringer carries a Chain Gun, which he uses to pack a punch on droids!

The Moc itselfEdit

  • The Decals were made by HDisCool on, but I tweaked the color (It actually was an accident) to be like the Gunner`s helmet (The decals below are not tweaked!).
  • I only used plain printer paper for the decals (It`s just lower quality, and peels off, but it works good with Double Stick Tape.)
  • He has a special visor.
  • His Chain Gun is completely 100% custom!
  • It uses the head I use for my Star Wars sigfigs.
  • I built and added decals about a week before I made the gun. Before that he had grenades and a sniper (Custom).
  • He has the Clone Gunner helmet.
  • Made in April 2011
  • Made by 1999bug
  • He did feature a back piece, holding on a grenade, but was later removed.
  • You cannot see the right arm decal or the back in the pictures (Minus the Decal Sheet).